¡VAMOS! A project about intercultural integration.

¡VAMOS! A project about intercultural integration.
The diversity and vividness of the multi-faceted Spanish-speaking culture expressed in a modern and unique way, beyond the stereotype and folklore.
The project is done by 20 young Spanish speaking people all coming from the world of dance and theatre as well as professional dancers and actors and actresses. Most of them come from abroad, some are born in this town and all of them form part of the society of Berlin.
The choreographer Bettina Inés Truffat has conceived and co-produced the project. The group has collaborated in and actively shaped the creation process. The production team is composed of professionals in the fields of production assistance, light design and costume design and composition of new ibero-american music.
¡VAMOS! opens to the audience a space beyond language limits where is possible to discover how to create a bright future of diversity and mutual respect between different cultures.

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